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Yep [Oct. 10th, 2005|02:22 am]
Write Me Dark


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Hey all, this is my first time posting in this community, but i think people will like my story, its very long so i'll post it in sections.
Title: The After Taste of Love
Author: Falldownnight (me)
Summary: This is a story that tells alot about demons, planes of vision, vampires and such
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: I dont think i need to put one of these on, its not too bad in the violence.

The last image that she saw was the knife being raised above his head. The look in his eyes told her that he wasn’t bluffing; he was going to kill her this time. Ravens breathe caught in her throat as she watched the blade slowly fell into her chest, tearing her skin apart.

A scream escaped her throat as the blade went deeper into her flesh. Time passed slowly, every inch that the blade went in was an hour of pain for her. Then, finally, time went back to normal, and the blade was pressed deep within her chest. The man stood there and watched, pressing the handle of the knife as close to her skin as possible.

After a few minutes of him twisting the knife deeper and deeper into her rib cavity, he pulled it out with one swift tug. She fell to the ground and gasped for air. Her long black hair swept behind her back and slightly cushioned her fall. Raven’s black eyes darted around the forest, trying to find something to help her, but there was nothing. He stood over her and laughed.

“Silly girl…I warned you. I would of let you live if you had just complied with my wishes...” He knelt down next to her and grabbed a fist full of her hair, pulling her head up close to his “Now, you will suffer...”

She grunted loudly and spat “go...to hell you pig...” she spit a small mouthful of blood in his eyes.

He laughed again, letting her hair go. Ravens head fell back and hit the ground with a thud. He just shook his head and stood, looking down on her like he always did “Have it you’re way...slave” He walked back to his horse and laughed at her, taking the reins from his servant. The man looked at Raven and sighed, then turned around and watched his master ride off, leaving him to walk back to town.

The man stood there for a minute and watched the poor young girl bleed out from her chest. He eyed her from a distance. Her clothes were like his, rags, just like always. She had chain marks on her ankles and wrists. So, she was his slave too... He thought about it for a minute and moved closer. She instantly looked up at him and tried to look defensive, but with the wound on her chest, it was almost impossible.

He stepped closer and kneeled down by her side. She shook from the blood lose, and her color was draining. Her arms gave way and became jellow, as her head hit the ground again. He leaned over and picked her up into his lap gently, trying to be calm.

“My name is Tristan...I'm his servant too.”

He held her in his arms for a minute and looked down into her pale face.

“..Raven...my name is raven...”

She coughed a little more, the blood spilling out from the corners of her mouth. Tristan leaned close and whipped away some of the blood, trying not to hurt or scare her.

“Raven… that is a beautiful name... I was his healer, but now I am his foot boy.” He chuckled “a boy of 17, it doesn’t...”

Her eyes closed and her mouth started to ooze blood again. He shook her violently and tried to wake her. Raven’s eyes opened slowly and she moaned

“Listen to me!! Raven…damn, I don’t have time…to heal you.”

He rubbed her face gently and smiled, her eyes stayed open.

“Go…you have to go...”

She sighed and tried to close her eyes again. Tristan shook her again, but stopped as he felt a sharp pain in his stomach.

He looked down to see the end of his master sword in his gut. He fell on top of Raven and gasped, trying not to hurt her. Tristan slipped a piece of herb into her wound and sighed whispering into her ear


His voice died, as did he.

There master looked down at the bodies and laughed.

“Pitiful humans...I was hoping Tristan would last...oh well...”

He got back onto his horse and rode off once again.

Raven gasped as the herb started to work. Her whole body felt like it was on fire, every cell was exploding. Her ribs separated themselves from her skin, along with the rest of her organs and bones. She gasped for air, as everything inside of her separated, and crumbled. A light came from within her chest and started to move up, taking the form of a girl. Raven watched from her body, seeing this light ball form into, well, her. In an instant she went from her body, to the ball of light.

She opened her eyes and looked down to see her body, a pile of dust under the body of Tristan. She looked herself over and noticed that she wasn’t real, just a ball of light. Raven surveyed the land, witch had also changed. Everything was bent out of shape, distorted almost. No light was seen, only darkness. She moved on and knelt by Tristan. In this realm, he looked to be nothing but a giant sausage.

Raven was shocked by this new area. She was still standing in the forest outside of the village, but it was like hells furry had come upon the world. She knew a little about the different planes, but no much, only what the many spirit guides that came to her master’s aide had been kind enough to tell her.

She touched her arms gently and sighed, no feeling. Her hand fell upon her chest, and yet there was no heart beat, and she wasn’t breathing. Her eyes scanned the trees for anything out of the ordinary. There were five planes that she looked through.

The first plane was that of the spirits, only healers could use anything on this plane. The second and third were of the animals and humans. The fourth, fifth and six were also the same, nothing really but a brighter human world. The seventh was the one that caught her attention. She was in the seventh plane to begin with, but when she switched from the sixth to the seventh, everything became more twisted.

She had to find someone to help her. Raven moved slowly down the path to the town, switching from plane to plain every time she heard a noise. Nothing seemed to stick out to her, just trees and a few spirits. The floating sprits were not like her. They could do nothing but weep, weep and scream. She shifted back into the seventh plane when she came upon the town. A man stood outside of the first building, which was no doubt, a tavern. She moved close to him and said

“Excuse me sir can you...”

She stopped in her place and sighed. Raven realized that he could not see her. No one could. She shrugged and walked into the tavern, looking around on each plane separately.

The first, second and third plane revealed nothing to her, but as she looked over into the corner next to the stairs, she noticed a man staring at her. She continued to surf through the planes in her head, and on the sixth plane, the man that was staring at her became more then a man. She gasped a little as she saw him in his true being. The man looked to be nothing but an old drunk on all of the other planes, but not here on the sixth.

The man, even while sitting, was towering over the table, his long silver hair just barely touching it. His bangs arched over his forehead and then fell upon his chin, following the rest of his hair. His skin was as pale as the moon, but still looked to be almost a peachy color. Raven’s eyes darted away from him, but then quickly looked back. His deep blue eyes were focused on her intently.

He stood slowly, his eyes still fixed on her. He stood a little over six feet tall. His long black leather shirt fell over his loose black pants, which did his form little justice. He shuffled around the table and stood in front of the fireplace. At his left side was a long sword. It was skinny but extremely long, it reached almost to his knee. At his other side was a set of magnum hand guns that glistened in the dim light of the fire.

As he walked closer to her, his long trench coat swayed back and forth, revealing more weapons strapped to his back. Raven went into the seventh plane to try and see what this man or thing was, but no luck. She turned around and dashed out the door, hoping that he would not follow her. She ran right through some drunken men, and slammed into the side of a tree. She turned around and looked just in time to see the man run out of the tavern door and spot her.

Raven took off once again and ran through a garden. Her feet carried her as fast as they could. She looked over her shoulder and saw that the man was gaining on her. He almost flew. Raven ran through a small patch of trees and down by a small stream. Once again, she looked over her shoulder, but saw no man.

She looked back in the right direction fast enough to see a barn within two feet of her. She tried to stop before she hit the barn, but knew that she wouldn’t. All of a sudden, she felt a hand clasp onto her upper arm and spin her around in one motion. Her back hit the barn with little impact. She closed her eyes and whimpered as her head hit a window. The hand that was on her arm kept going up and trailed onto her shoulder. She could feel its presents on her neck, and then on her cheek.

She opened her eye and saw the same man that was in the sixth plane. He had his hands pressed against the barn on ether side of her face, pinning her to the wall. His expression was difficult to interpret; it was one of hate and concern. She shivered gently as his left hand went to her cheek. She flinched. He chucked rather softy and rubbed a spot on her forehead. He could obviously see the fear in his eyes.

“..Boo doll face...” He chuckled again and sighed. “Sorry… I’m not much on first lines.”

His hand gently stroked above her eyebrow. She pulled away and grumbled at him.

“What do you want…?”

She tried to sound big and tough, but she knew that she didn’t sound anything but afraid. She straightened her back and pushed him away.

“Why don’t you just leave me the…”

He smiled “Hey now… I’m the one who should be mad here… all I wanted was to talk to you and what do you do?? Make me chase you into a forest!! Even after that, I'm nice enough to save your pretty face from slamming into that barn’s window!”

Her body slowly relaxed as his hand stroked a cut over her forehead

“I am sorry, I didn’t mean to whip you around so hard… you must have gotten a wind cut…”

He slid his hand down the side of her face to her cheek and then to her chin, lifting her face up until they’re eyes met. “My name’s not important...but I do want you know that I mean you no harm.”

His eyes shifted down to her shoulder and her upper arm. She looked down to where his eyes were and smiled

“My arms fine...and I didn’t ask” He chuckled and cut her off

“My name...I know, but mortals always ask my name first, so I just wanted to tell you right off...names have power...you don’t just give them to anyone”

He turned around and moved a stray hair away from his face.

Raven shook her head gently and touched the cut on her fore head. It wasn’t bleeding too badly now, and it didn’t hurt. She moved in front of him and sighed "What are you?"