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Dark Fantasy and Horror

May Your Imagination Run Free

Write Me Dark
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Welcome to Write Me Dark! This community is for anyone who loves writing to share their stories. As the name implies, we focus on dark fantasy and horror, but generally anything short of smut and uber-graphic violence is accepted. Fanfiction is allowed, but we prefer original writings.

Acceptable Posting Material

1) Stories and Poetry: Yeah this is a no brainer, writing community=writing. Please organize a post as so:

Rating: G--PG-13, R is acceptable, NC-17 is not
Disclaimer: (if fanfiction)


Story Notes:

2) Character Designs/Profiles: You may post a description of your character/Drawing for an upcoming story or if this character just struck you and you wish to write it down. Drawings must be tasteful, any distasteful images (unnecessary nudity, erotica, extreme violence, etc) will either be censored or deleted. Repeat offenses of that nature will end with you asked to leave the community.

3) Informational Posts: Know about a writing contest somewhere? A popular writer making an appearance near you? Another teenage author got published? YOU got published? Tell us!

4) Introductions: For goodness' sakes introduce yourself! A basic introductory post should include your name/handle, some general info, and if possible, links to your website fanfiction.net/fictionpress.com account.

As for rules, well, as far as I'm concerned as long as you follow the above guidelines, act polite, etc, you're golden. HOWEVER, flaming, insults, derogatory remarks, any behavior that would get you arrested is BANNED!

Have fun!